About Red Trunk Containers

Strength, stability, flexibility. Red Trunk Containers are the perfect addition for a "mini" storage facility by providing you the opportunity to offer on-site availability options to your existing business at an affordable cost.

The containers can be easily transported and placed at the client's location by use of a boom-equipped flatbed truck. Containers can be conveniently picked up and moved using just this one piece of equipment and are fork lift ready should your client need to re-arrange their work site.

Each container is constructed of aluminum. They are weather tight, sealable and lockable. The containers are raised off the ground to prevent moisture from condensing on the inside of the unit. Also, it is possible to stack the containers to reduce storage space while not in use.

The Red Trunk Container is versatile in many ways. All aluminum construction combats corrosion, is light weight (680 lbs.), and is designed for strength with superior internal bracing. 200 cubic feet of storage space gives your customers plenty of room for storage. They are also easily transportable by stacking two side by side and two on top and still meeting D.O.T. standards.

Red Trunk Containers are the most versatile and efficient portable containers on the market! Customers have used Red Trunk Containers for:

  • Construction tools
  • Residential temporary storage
  • Off season product storage
  • Seasonal inventory overflow
  • Special event overflow storage
  • Farm feed or chemicals
  • Building materials
  • College student summer storage
  • Over the road shipping containers
  • Much, much more!

About Red Trunk Containers Truck Bed

Optional truck beds are available for transporting containers:

  • Truck beds are made of high strength aluminum with 17" tall front kickboard, rub rail with 2" x 4" stake pockets, rear light skirt and I.C.C. and D.O.T. approved lighting.
  • Bed dimensions are 10' long x 96" wide to accommodate two containers side by side.
  • Truck requirement for the bed and crane are: pick-up with at least a 13,000 GVW rating, dual rear wheels, and a minimum of 84" from rear of cab to back axle.
  • This bed can also be used for many other hauling purposes.
  • An aluminum utility box, 36" l x 16" d x 16" h may be added as an option.

About Red Trunk Containers Boom Crane

Optional boom cranes are available for ease of loading & unloading:

  • The hydraulic crane used with this system is a double knuckle, two stage extension boom unit with hydraulic down riggers.
  • Hydraulic controls: located on both sides of crane unit.
  • Total extendable reach of boom: 189" yet folds up neatly behind truck cab
  • All lifting and tie-down straps are factory made and approved for this specified use.

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